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Bear in mind we may film or take photos of our events, so if you don't want to be involved do let us know and we'll make sure to accommodate you.

Upcoming Events


    Sat | 22 February 2020 | 16:00 to 22:00
    Sat | 22 February 2020 | 16:00 to 22:00

    Its Smashaday (Smash, on a Saturday!)

    We'll be running a series of tournaments throughout the day on Nintendo's amazing Smash Ultimate, including a Juniors tournament for the younger Smash fans in the afternoon, with various prizes available to the victors (in addition to the glory of course)

    Venue fee:
    £3 (access to the arcade is regular pricing but includes tournament entry)

    Please note, juniors and doubles will run subject to the number of attendees!

    • Juniors (under 14) - from 4pm - FREE
    • Doubles - from 5pm - £1 per person
    • Singles - after Doubles - £2 per person

    Friday Fight Night

    Fri | 28 February 2020 | 17:00 to 21:00
    Fri | 28 February 2020 | 17:00 to 21:00

    The Arcade Vaults and the South Wales Fighting Game Community join forces to bring you an evening of Fighting games!

    We'll have the newest and best fighters available to play, with possible tournaments running for a select few games depending on the registration.

    Plus, there'll be a smattering of various fighting games throughout gaming history, including retro Mortal Kombat, SFII, Tekken, Virtua Fighter and more!

    Dungeons & Dragons: One-Shot

    Sat | 29 February 2020 | 12:00 to 21:00
    Sat | 29 February 2020 | 12:00 to 21:00

    Have you ever wanted to play a Role Play Game but been a little bit put off? Did you ever have those friends in School who played Dungeons and Dragons and always wanted to play but were worried what your other friends would think?

    This is your chance!! – Dungeons and Dragons or DnD as it’s known for short is the world’s most popular Role Play Game (RPG). For February we're following on from the popularity of our January event and are once again running a special adventure in all 8 sessions - The Vanishing Circle - The Final Drum from Below.. Each party in each session will take part in the same adventure, competing to be the best adventurers you can be with perhaps a small prize for the winning group...

    Will you survive to escape the Tomb of Brundith Axehand!?

    The Vanishing Circle - The Final Drum from Below.

    The Last Thane of the Axehand Clan, Morgrud has hired you to visit the tomb of his ancestors and retrieve the fable Axe of Brundith. The Axehand Clan has fallen on hard times and hopes to revive it’s fortunes by retrieving the fabled weapon of their forefathers from its final resting place below Mount Bonespear.

    Join us as your group of intrepid adventures delves into the depths of the tomb beneath Mount Bonespear, take on all manner of evil creatures as you try reach the inner sanctum and the tomb of Brundith Axehand himself.

    Be Warned! Axehand scouts have returned from the tomb smeared in all manners of slime, grunge and grime and warn that it has become the home of all manners of evil creatures which you will have to overcome to complete your mission! The Dwarves tell of drums echoing in the deep, dark fastness below the tomb itself...

    Maximum Melee - Winter League

    Thu | 30 January 2020 | 18:00 to Thu | 19 March 2020 | 21:00
    Thu | 30 January 2020 | 18:00 to Thu | 19 March 2020 | 21:00

    The Maximum Melee League is back after a successful initial run, for its 8 week Winter series! Over the weeks there'll be the usual singles brackets (with cash prizes) too.

    The weekly venue fee will still be £3, but we'll be upping the bracket fee to £3, of which £1 goes to the league prize pool and £2 goes to the weekly one. We'll also be using a new mod and ruleset (more info to follow).

    How it works:

    • The top 6 players weekly get 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, or 2 points depending on where they finish.
    • A minimum of 4 weeks of participation in weeklies will be needed to be part of the league.
    • The league prize pool will be split for top 3 players 60/30/10.
    • There will be a trophy :)

    Stream will available at

    Wayback Wednesday

    Wed | 12 February 2020 | 13:00 to Wed | 1 April 2020 | 18:00
    Wed | 12 February 2020 | 13:00 to Wed | 1 April 2020 | 18:00

    Introducing Wayback Wednesday, retro gaming for students! For the next 8 weeks, every Wed from 1pm-5pm any student with valid a ID gets entry for just £3, as well as 15% off ALL drinks. Bring on the retro gaming...

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