About The Arcade Vaults

We are The Arcade Vaults, an exciting and unique venue and community in the centre of Cardiff for all things videogaming. If you make games, play games both old and new, want to learn about games, or would just like to engage with the community in this amazing world of games, then this is the place for you.

At the heart of The Arcade Vaults and its community is you; the players and the creators. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play videogames and even more so, anyone should be able to make them and understand how they are made.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the entire world, our Arcade and The Community Rooms are operating under COVID safe guidelines. These include:

  • a limit of 4 people per group from different households (excluding children under 11, or if everyone in the group is from a single household a larger group is allowed).
  • drinks and food orders will be taken at tables. If you are paying for the arcade, you may still come up to the bar, but please let us know if you will be ordering and we will come to you. You must remain seated whilst you are eating or drinking.
  • we will have a lower limit on our capacity - currently we recommend that you contact us to reserve an arrival slot for your visit by either using our contact form or emailing us.
  • a screen at the bar.
  • hand sanitiser points throughout the venue.
  • the requirement that you wear masks throughout the venue unless you are eating/drinking or have a valid reason not to wear a mask.
  • alcohol based anti-bacterial wipes for you to clean controllers (which we will be regularly doing throughout the day).
  • alternating of available consoles throughout the venue to ensure social distancing is adhered to.
  • marked points to ensure you can stay socially distant.
  • staff will be COVID-safe during your visit.

Please note, we are legally required to take a name and contact information for at least one member of your party. We will be asking for ID to confirm names and addresses as necessary.

Thanks for understanding and hope to see you soon!

The Stuff We do

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    Our arcade is split into two areas - we have a space featuring classic consoles and hundreds of games, with a small free-to-play area where we also serve coffee, tea, drinks and gamer friendly snacks. We are also open on selected evenings for those that like a stronger beverage with their gaming fun!
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    The Community Rooms are our co-working and events space, tailerod for anyone interested in making games or being part of a community who do but open to everyone to experience. There are three pricing tiers available to anyone who wants to use the space for work, with high-speed broadband (wired and wireless), tea and coffee, and a kitchen, plus various tech facilities and business support!
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    Our Upper Arcade and The Community Rooms are available for hire. We can run events for you with a wide selection of retro and modern gaming consoles, or just provide the spaces on their own to you, with access to our bar.
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    We organise events and parties across the UK. And we really do everything, including supplying the gaming gear and screens, promotion of the event, set-up, photography, prizes and so on! We also do educational seminars and networking events for those of you in the community looking to learn something new or meet like-minded people.

Upcoming Events

    The Day of Two

    Its our 2nd birthday this week! We can't have a traditional party so on Saturday 28th we're celebrating by saying thank you to all of the lovely customers out there.

    • For the entire day, entry to everyone (children and adults alike) across all three floors of the venue will be just £2!!!
    • Also, all day we'll be offering 20% off ALL merchandise in the shop!!
    • ANNNND, for 2 hours between 5pm and 7pm, we'll be offering 2-for-1 on selected drinks!!!!

    Come celebrate with us!


    Remember, due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be social distancing in place and limited space available to sit and drink if you are not using the arcade.

    D&D One Shots

    Sat | 5 December 2020 | 12:00 to 21:00
    Sat | 5 December 2020 | 12:00 to 21:00

    Have you ever wanted to play a Role Play Game but been a little bit put off? Did you ever have those friends in School who played Dungeons and Dragons and always wanted to play but were worried what your other friends would think?

    This is your chance!! Dungeons and Dragons or DnD as it’s known for short is the world’s most popular Role Play Game (RPG). Our one-shots return for the first time since the lockdown with FOUR unique campaigns for beginners or anyone looking for a one-off RPG fix, to try out and explore over 2 sessions (12pm - 4pm and 5pm - 9pm). Our super friendly Dungeon Masters will aim to ease you in and will also make sure you have a fun and wild adventure!

    Please note, all these campaigns are only suitable for those ages 16 and over:

    • The Curse of the Revenant Fangs
      The bells ring as the criers shout among the busy streets, The kings most prized possession has been stolen from within its hold and all that has been left is a single wooden token baring the symbol of a serpents eye, the calling card of the notorious Revenant Fangs a group of bandits and thieves alike. The king will gladly pay riches to those who can return his prized dragon egg and of course the head of their leader, not everyone has the stomach for such a job but you adventurer may just be what the king needs as the keep of the Revenant Fangs lays beyond the deep wood where not many dare tread.
    • The Trials of the Night King
      Legend has it that a priceless artefact of immense power, lies somewhere in the tomb of the Night King. Locked behind gruelling trials of strength and wit, dare you prove your worth and claim the lost power for yourself?
    • The Princess of Edelsteine
      The ancient challenge of the ruling House of Edelsteine has been laid down. The Diamonds of rule are scattered within the wild and untamed lands of Edelsteine waiting to be found. Gather your supplies, don your armour and sharpen your swords! Are you ready to compete for the crown of Edelsteine and the hand of the Princess Arabella?

    COVID-19 Rules

    In order to keep safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have some restrictions in place, and please be aware - these are all mandatory! If you need any further information please contact Scott at scottrt@thearcadevaults.org.uk

    • Each D&D Games are limited to 4 players each now (instead of the usual 6).
    • Your entry will be staggered to ensure you don't overlap with other groups. This will apply to your breaks too.
    • We are required by law to take your contact information for test and trace. These are stored by us under GDPR guidelines.
    • You are required to wear a mask whilst moving around the venue and taking part in your adventure unless you are exempt or eating/drinking. Players will also be spaced out from other players and the DM to ensure everyone is socially distant. There will be hand santiser provided if you need it.
    • You will be asked to bring your own dice - we will be unable to provide any.
    • The most important thing to remember - have FUN.

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Find us at:
27-31 High Street Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1BB